Facebook variety of applications to third parties to disclose user data


] San Francisco October 19th news, according to foreign media reports, the social networking site will worry about farm game applications such as FarmVille can reveal the user’s identity data, although have adopted strict privacy settings.

according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the Facebook site application FarmVille can get the user’s identity number code and send these numbers to the Internet advertising company. Many of the applications on the Facebook site can send information about identity and identity to advertisers and Internet tracking companies. Even the most stringent privacy settings will be affected.

Facebook spokesman on Sunday night the news agency said that social media sites are taking measures to "drastically limit" disclosure of personal information, because of a violation of Facebook’s own rules of disclosure of information.


report says many applications get the user’s identity number (which is unique), and then send them to the Internet advertising company. 10 of the most popular games on the Facebook site are doing so, including Zynga’s FarmVille, Dezhou poker and FrontierVille. In the top 10 games, there are 3 games, including FarmVille, but also the personal information of the user’s friends to external companies.


data "Facebook ID" is unique to every user, and can be used to view your user name, even if your profile is the most restrictive. These data will actually expose the user’s data across the network.

for Facebook, this is one of the most recent issues in its privacy concerns. However, the problem is worth worrying about. Because if the Internet advertising companies can get value from the Facebook user ID data, these advertising companies will not buy ads from the Facebook site.

, the Wall Street journal, said the apps sent Facebook messages to ID users to at least 25 advertising agencies and data companies. These companies create these profiles by tracking these users online.