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technology news Beijing time on September 12th morning news, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) Techcrunch Disrupt said at the meeting today, the company’s share price fell disappointing, the biggest mistake is betting on HTML 5, but the company has changed the strategy, at present all mobile heavy. He is optimistic about the future prospects of the mobile sector earnings.

this is the 28 year old Zuckerberg received the first public interview after the listing of the Facebook, and the interviewer is · Techcrunch founder Michael (Michael Arrington); arlington. The latter is the Silicon Valley technology blog circle famous mouth, to interview directly for sharp.

in view of Zuckerberg rarely accepted, and now Facebook is in the focus of media attention. Sina science and technology at the scene to see, today’s crowded venue more than ever before, the venue has been filled with people on the front row. Following yesterday’s Twitter co-founder and chairman Jack Dorsey (· Jack Dorsey) keynote speech at Silicon Valley, the most famous two entrepreneurs attended the Techcrunch conference.

Zuckerberg, the appearance is still the iconic dress: grey t-shirt t-shirt and jeans, MIZUNO shoes. Interestingly, his left hand and not to wear the wedding ring. At the end of May this year, after the listing of Facebook, Zuckerberg and longtime Chinese girlfriend Priscilla · Chen held a small wedding.

The first problem is the price of Facebook

in Arlington, Zuckerberg apparently ready. He frankly admitted that, after the listing of Facebook shares fell really disappointed, the company needs to focus on shareholder value after the listing, (lower share prices) may be the first setback since the founding of Facebook suffered.

but he stressed that this is an opportunity, underestimated the market prospect of Facebook fundamentals in the field of mobile users are increasingly using mobile devices to log on Facebook, he was optimistic about the future of mobile advertising, the company will obtain more excellent than the desktop earnings performance.

mobile is the biggest challenge facing Facebook. Zuckerberg revealed that the number of users using mobile Facebook page exceeded the number of users using iOS and Android applications, but the mobile web is not the future".

Zuckerberg said the company’s biggest mistake was to bet too much on HTML 5 Technology