Daily topic online education boom continued BAT earnings model is not yet clear

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 18th news, there is news that Tencent and New Oriental set up a joint venture focused on online education accredited by Tencent CEO. Since last year, online education has been a hot topic, it was predicted that 2014 will be the outbreak of online education year, according to the current situation is true.

in February this year, the Alibaba led, Temasek and Qiming venture capital English training online education TutorGroup group B round of financing, to become the biggest online education financing in the amount of $100 million. Then YY took out 1 billion launch of the 100 education. During the two sessions this year, Robin Li proposal to promote equality in education, pay attention to online education. Recently, QQ group quietly add group payment function, and Tencent insiders also confirmed that the QQ group online education platform will be on the line. It seems that the giants of the war has begun to transfer the site to the field of online education

!How much

online education market in the end? According to the data Chinese Industry Advisory Network: 2012 China education training industry total market size of up to 960 billion yuan, and then online education market size of about 70 billion yuan, the proportion is only 7.3%. The future of online education accounted for a huge increase in space, a rough calculation of the corresponding market size increments of 3000-4000 billion.

in fact, online education is not only two years ago, the concept has been proposed as early as ten years ago, and in the United States has a mature market. Perhaps see the American market success, we are all in. There is no doubt that online education is the future trend. But online education needs to provide users with a longer service chain, not just a purchase behavior. Domestic online education has just started, business model and profit model is not clear.

to a good future, for example, its earnings report released at the end of 1, fiscal year 2013, the company’s online business losses of $6 million 500 thousand, but the online course revenue accounted for only 3% of total revenue. As the group will continue to increase investment, is expected in fiscal year 2014 online business losses will increase. Specific to New Oriental, although not disclosed earnings, but its online revenues accounted for the proportion of the proportion of the entire New Oriental is not more than 5%, this year will continue to increase investment.

, of course, now online education is still in its infancy, the future development of what mode does not know who.

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