Glasses O2O subversion starting from breaking the rules of the industry

glasses, looks like a very ordinary things, in fact, has become a necessity in our daily lives. According to statistics, the country has 300 million of myopia groups, the demand for glasses is actually very large. Although unlike glasses cosmetics, tobacco and these goods, repeat purchase rate is so high, but left the glasses, a lot of people may even normal work and life would be seriously affected. Glasses to bring light, but at the same time there is a great misunderstanding of the glasses industry: for example, glasses industry profits, product prices high gross margin.

        indeed, the traditional glasses industry higher gross margin, but also to see the traditional glasses shop located in the downtown area, rent, renovation, staff costs and gross profit accounting, in fact, education, real estate beauty glasses compared to other industries, it is pale into insignificance by comparison. Because consumers do not understand the industry, because part of the media coverage, because the glasses industry does not exist in some of the non-standard problems, profiteering has become the biggest misunderstanding of consumers in this industry.


experience to see the survival status of the traditional glasses glasses shop

from the experience of the author himself, myopia more than and 400 degrees, but also often because of appearance, wearing comfort, lens wear, etc.. It was once thought that the industry is more lucrative. Take a glasses last year’s experience, because playing basketball at noon, the glasses legs broken, not a new pair of glasses immediately, afternoon’s work can not carry on. Near the company only to a well-known glasses chain glasses, but pick for a long time, most of the price is not suitable, cheap glasses have five hundred or six hundred, or even seven hundred or eight hundred, slightly better on 1000. For the author of this kind of glasses often damaged to replace the situation, with a pair of high-end glasses appear a little waste, can accept the price between 300-400, the cheaper the best. From the situation of this well-known chain stores, and there is no price on my favorite glasses. Later, after the introduction of colleagues, some universities in the vicinity of some of the students may have parity glasses shop, the price is relatively reasonable. So I quickly by car to go to a college far, really found the cheap glasses stores, a pair of glasses down a little more than 300, the appearance is also good, very satisfactory, compared to before the store, for the rest of the price of a pair of glasses, let me feel deep.

later on the prices of these two stores were analyzed, I think the two stores from the upper reaches of the goods should be little difference. The reason why the final sale price difference, or the cost of the reasons. The first shop located near the company, not only in office buildings and shopping center, is concentrated in large area, the large flow of people, the consumption level is higher, the rent and the cost of store decoration and staff wages are high, natural glasses pricing is high, plus glasses repeat purchase rate and customer flow rate is not high. The glasses of lower margin >