Baidu push alliance with 200 thousand partners to share high quality content

news August 13th, China largest Internet advertising alliance Baidu alliance, recently launched a partner for the latest product "know alliance", the 200 thousand partners will have the opportunity to share the Baidu know the quality content and advertising revenue.

in Baidu know alliance "cooperation mode, a member of the Baidu alliance can be implanted in their website to know the search box, the drop-down menu has its own users are most concerned about; you can also create known channels page and content related" through the custom keyword or category, the relevant answers are from Baidu "know". Users through these portals to visit Baidu know relevant pages, click on the text chain to generate revenue, the partner is divided into.


as one of the most important community products, Baidu know successful answer is close to 36 million, a collection of high-quality content, massive knowledge at present, this practical new knowledge quiz every day more than 100 thousand. Partner custom Baidu know, equivalent to borrow the power of Baidu for themselves to create a knowledge and interaction are strong channels, in addition to the sharing of business value and Baidu, this cooperation, cooperation can help site quickly generate a practical knowledge interlocution platform, to effectively enhance the user experience and retain users.

for coalition partners are more concerned about the proportion of problem, Baidu said: partner into the lowest proportion is 50%, then will improve according to many factors and alliance certification level content quality, flow, cooperation website, quality partners, divided into up to 84%. In addition, the partners can benefit from Baidu’s data analysis techniques, such as traffic click statistics to capture the behavior and habits of their web site users. Know the alliance is seen as a further cooperation with Baidu partners to share resources, to achieve a win-win cooperation model, since the trial run, has been closely watched by the alliance partners. In April this year, Baidu Union summit, Baidu Union proposed as a development program provider development prospects. The launch of the alliance, it is the development of the program provider of this new role interpretation.

Baidu alliance currently has more than and 20 members. According to iResearch annual statistics show that Baidu alliance with up to 52.8% of the market share continues to lead the Chinese Internet advertising alliance market, and forecast the Union will reach a maximum of 08 years of revenue of $1 billion.