Why doesn’t Ma Yun have more money than Shi Yuzhu

      the day before yesterday, a friend asked me, giants and Ali are listed, Ma Yun why not as rich as Shi Yuzhu? This is a question worth talking about. Recently, the Internet is really lively, the word listed on the heat has not completely retreated! In this batch of listed companies, with ALI and giant most striking, with the listing, we can not help but envy with relish and two companies born those millionaires and billionaires! Shi Yuzhu and Ma Yun’s wealth, is the focus of.

      so, why didn’t Ma Yun have more money than Shi Yuzhu?

      1, Ma and Shi Yuzhu target different

      Ma Yun’s goal is to be a successful business, money is his tool to achieve this goal.

      Shi Yuzhu’s goal is to earn more money, faster and better to make money, the enterprise is his tool to achieve this goal.

      Ma said he would like to do an Internet company for 80 years so long.

      Shi Yuzhu of health care investment because it is to make money fast, he engaged in "journey" game become the most burning of the game.

      2, Ma Yun does not want to have too much money, and the purpose of the industry is mainly for the purpose of money

      Ma is an idealist and heroism, love novels of Jin Yong officially he’s performance in this regard. His Alibaba provides a trading platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is a reflection of the spirit of the knight on the internet. Some people say that the listing of Ma Yun’s wealth was diluted, but, in fact, the listing of the value of Ali to become higher, Ma Yun is relatively richer than before. However, Ma may not want to be too rich, because Ali only as a business, rather than as Ma’s personal property, it will have a better, more long-term development. Ma Yun is better suited to being a leader in Ali, rather than as a master of business ownership.

      Shi Yuzhu is a standard businessman, high profit, high return is his inevitable choice, his goal is actually naked money. Health care products, banking stocks, online games, these three are in line with his choice, can bring him great wealth, so he will do. Although he has been clamoring for a lifetime to engage in online games, but if there is now more profits and returns than the three, he will invest in.

      3, ma love more than love Shi Yuzhu "