On the opportunity and future of the elite knowledge community

"grass root to the world", which seems to be the only rule of Internet China.

"grass root who in the world, and not all products follow the guidelines. It is known as a "elite" knowledge question answering community, which has consistently emphasized the production of "high quality" content. What is the value of this alternative community, and what direction should it be in the future?


High quality information in the era of


when all the people saw the grass root of opportunity, the other group was ignored and drowned. This group of people full of curiosity, the pursuit of serious, professional expression and communication, the Chinese Internet is not such an occasion.

first gathered a group of people on the forum, and then the blog appeared, it is more suitable for the complete expression of individuals, so they have to move to the blog. But the forum and blog have congenital defects, has been a large decline. The beginning of 2009, micro-blog to the Internet world all-powerful mopping up posture, forum, blog and other products have further spread, content producers have come to micro-blog. However, micro-blog’s own product characteristics determine its extreme fragmentation, it can not meet people’s integrity, high quality, depth information needs.

this is the space to grow.

it started as an elite. Early know the strict invitation system, the first batch of users including Li Kaifu, Xue Manzi, Xu Xiaoping, Lei Jun, Keso and other well-known industry professionals, there are a lot of investment circles, media circles. This group of people is called "seed user"". They not only laid the cornerstone of the tone of the known products, also led to the rapid jump in a short period of time the red.

for these people, Zhou source will try to understand each. He will send an e-mail to everyone, asking about the use of the product, if the other party does not ask questions and answers, he will ask what is the specific reason. He wants to communicate with these early users, know that the user is in the process of using the knowledge, because what is more exciting, whether it can get value in almost know?

through this period of study, Zhou found that even if a product form has imperfections, performance is often unstable, but if it meets the needs of the user, the effect will be beyond imagination. He cited the example of Twitter, which looks like a rough product, it has 7 years of history, still maintain a steady stream of vitality.

shallow times, in particular, need high quality content, these things exist in a person’s brain, without sharing, know almost to inspire them, the value of others.

is different from traditional blog writing, it is a new way of information production. Zhou source and some of the users have been aware of an interesting analogy: if people are a teapot, he has the experience, knowledge, insight is inside >