Local stations promotion is a crisis need art

local station, with the general comprehensive website is not the same, can not simply rely on keyword optimization to solve the problem of traffic.

is his main characteristics do stand to spread the difficult, I believe that many owners have experienced problems for early site operations lead to a shortage of funds, many webmaster headache, how low cost, and effective promotion of website promotion is an art, not only do not let everyone tired, but also let us remember our web site.

many webmaster friends think of home Internet cafes buyout will be able to get a good promotion effect, but the ninety percent people go to Internet cafes are playing games, chatting, watching movies, don’t think they’ll have much interest in your home page, distribute leaflets, time is money, not many people will look at a leaflet for more than 5 seconds, read directly is still on the road (careful management to get you in trouble), distribute leaflets in the street, the effect is not ideal, what causes it, because you did not set a good customer base, such as real estate network, you can give them to the students or the elderly, they are not on your website there is too much interest in a circle around the back, below into the theme.

, 1 local QQ group promotion: first add QQ friends, to a certain extent, the establishment of QQ group, and regularly send interest, for their topic, attract them to our website.

2, the promotion of local related industries, such as my Quanzhou trading information network, there is a computer section, then I will lock the customer, to the computer leaflets.

, such as mobile phone forum, I went to the city phone leaflets, so that the goal is relatively clear, the effect is also good.

3, local business promotion: printed pages, and then commissioned a postman delivering newspapers and newspaper pages together to merchants hand, does not waste color and make color to the designated customer base, but it certainly need to give a tip to the postman.

is the next line promotion. Regular line activities, the site has a popularity can engage in a basketball, football or something. 1 months to hold a good, it is best to find the sponsorship of the relevant enterprises, customized personalized T-shirts, of course, the site should be printed, you can also make a uniform basketball, football.

this article by the Quanzhou trading information network (www.qzniu.com), the first webmaster nets.


is more suitable for the novice to do local station to learn, thank you for your cooperation. Please reply Laoniao.

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