Baidu experience will become the main battlefield to promote the shop


The application of Baidu

products and more and more abundant, but profitable field has dabbled in Baidu. Such as Baidu, Baidu and SkyDrive album, even recently combined with Changhong launched Baidu mobile phone is remarkable. In the promotion of the network to touch us, get the favor of Baidu search engine at the same time, the use of its products to do the appropriate promotion is not too much. Some time ago I wrote about Baidu know promotion methods, today continue to share my skills and experience to do Baidu experience, whether you are promotion website or online, can obtain the browse volume and transaction promotion from the experience, come with me.

first, why do Baidu experience to promote

in the beginning of this article, we first look at how to do a few points to promote the experience of Baidu:

1 as one of the main push Baidu products, the weight of the growing experience of Baidu


2 Baidu experience is still very young, there is no well-known Baidu know loud. But as time goes on, Baidu and Baidu will be on an equal footing that experience we can see Baidu! Experience, in the description of the quality and solve the problems on high, at this point is the lead in the know, however good user experience is beyond the cornerstone of Baidu know


3 experience to solve the problem in detail, the steps clear and complete with graphics, and even video. It is better to know than to. Answer questions so in place, the user experience to achieve the maximum value.

4 in experience can send address, by the high rate and not easy to be deleted! As long as is general skills, collocation of graphic, neat typesetting can pass examination. And whether you put in the last link address is shared with the experience of the address, as long as the rules and not too much to promote. After the adoption, not like Baidu know that, as long as there is a link will soon be filtered out the system at least for the time being I have done dozens of success has not been deleted.

5 experience with the image can be used to do watermark advertising. Because some experience requires pictures, so the picture with the appropriate picture can achieve the effect of publicity. As long as the watermark is not exaggerated can be audited.

6 in the experience can use their own products to share experience. For example, when sharing some experience, you can directly take their own products to do an example tutorial. This is to meet the requirements of Baidu experience sharing experience, but also to promote their products. Read the article and let the birds! Experienced users immediately produce a sense of trust on you and your products.

7 audit speed. People who have done the library must be able to speed up its audit it, and sometimes a few days without audit, it has been hanging there, it is difficult to make people. However, the experience is not the same, after submission, good luck can be a second trial! Bad luck at least within 24 hours, there is a review of the results of the day so do not have a few

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