[share] teach you how to dry cargo customers into Taobao WeChat customers

Taobao, how much is a membership management module in the shop, certainly often the old customer marketing, not to say well, pull the cost of new customers and old customers is 6 times the cost of maintenance. So, do a good job in the marketing of old customers, to ensure that the constant value of the old customers, in fact, more effective than you think every day drainage. The following method, whether you are doing Taobao, or do other, as long as there is customer information (customer name and phone), then you can import customer data into WeChat inside, WeChat marketing.

How do the specific

and the following case?. This case report to their Taobao customer for example, import data is the same as the other.

first, we enter the Taobao background, click on the already sold baby". Then select the time period, click "search", and then click "batch export", and then click "generate report".

secondly, click on the download order report, download.

third, open the downloaded order report, delete the other irrelevant, leaving the name and phone number (mainly mobile phone number)

fourth, insert a row in front of the name, and then enter the following formula (input method in English state): = "Amoy" & after the input, mouse click, the original name, and then press enter. Then drop the box. So there is the following figure. In front of a Amoy word, mainly in order to facilitate the introduction of mobile phones is to know that Taobao’s customers, you can choose your favorite label.

fifth, select the "Amoy" in the column name, select Copy, the next operation is pasted, wrong wrong wrong!!! The next is to paste, is the need to overwrite the original name list, however, is not a simple paste, otherwise, you can see what happens try.

continue, select the copy, and then select the original consignee name, click "select Paste", and then select the "value", click ok.

sixth and then delete the first name.

seventh, Taobao on the customer’s mobile phone is the top left corner of a small comma, you need to remove the comma.

no comma, look directly at the eighth step.

mobile phone in the following box, enter the formula (input method English state (:=right) selected mobile phone number, mobile phone number, 11) selected here refers to the mouse click on the left side of the mobile phone number, then press the Enter key on it. So there will be no phone number comma.

and then delete the original phone, a little finishing their own.

eighth, download a QQ synchronization assistant on the phone, and then turn on the computer QQ, find the QQ address book. Click in. Do not know how to find the next Baidu, or add my WeChat.

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