My opinion on the B2C website strategy

Hello, Hello, see you again, with the first two stations and station papers issued, many of my friends are "good" on my essay "original" reprint, really shed tears of gratitude. At the end of each article I have clearly marked please indicate the source, the result is "good" you all have become their own original God, but also did not change, it is vulnerable, vulnerable ah ~ ~ ~ well, here don’t whine and nonsense, said last time there will be a follow-up article published, this will come together and discuss the strategy of discourse.

The ancient

stress is a general army fighting courage, strategy and strategy, so in today’s Internet Chinese in the rapid development of the environment, all businesses have also launched the fight at outrance in tit for tat war, like the 2012 electricity price war, it is to let a person look shocking ah. So if you are doing electricity supplier, in this war, you also want to share a piece of words, is not to pay attention to some of your competitors and strategy?

has B2B and B2C is so boundless scenery, but now it is 2012? Chinese Internet community disaster, the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu, started for the current Internet garbage conducted a number of effective and highly lethal K station, right down to the storm in June 28, 2012, countless the site overnight back to the liberation, countless stationmaster crying in the forum, blog and then die back, this did not win Baidu sympathy, second appeared the opposite (August 26, 2012), third (October 22, 2012) of the K station, right down to the storm, tens of thousands of Web sites fell several times in this big baptism, of course the author’s website at the end of the last storm did not survive but a wave down.

concluded after today, the station lotus just buds like finally had the weight of 1, traffic poor, no traffic where the sales pressure alexander. Hard from last October until April of this year, during which I occupy the webmaster forum, the flow in the mainstream blog, discussion, together with many webmaster learning, I learned a lot of knowledge of SEO, also accumulated a lot of valuable wealth, as I stood in the article and the article and outside the station we are talking about today, I write this article to tell you who is strategic in the wind and rain baptism in the webmaster, is not K stop webmaster, he’s really not a good webmaster! (this is to offend, but also hope of understanding)

I once stood in K days, countless thought of giving up, think correction for many times, many times the SEO consulting company, numerous times to do to try a variety of restoration sites, but did not see the result I want. So in the most confused, I calm down, carefully thought a lot, is a potential idea about my decision – >

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