Multitray Spring Festival nternet marketing envelopes alone compete for attention is not enough

Abstract: Internet marketing people in the culture, art, technology, products, creative freedom between the allocation of funds, brands, stars, traffic and other resources to create the next classic case, it is expected.


review of past holiday is not difficult to find, the Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people, the Internet has become a hotly contested spot brand, called Internet marketing golden week.

Internet brand launched their own moves the Tet offensive, follow the traditional brand to spend huge sums of money in CCTV such a strong brand advertising media since Needless to say, is also planning a marketing case many remarkable.

why the Spring Festival has become the golden week of Internet marketing


a few years ago, the Spring Festival Internet marketing focus on the two horse war, that is, Ali and Tencent between the red envelopes war. This year, the Internet giant different business lines have carried out various marketing activities, Ali, Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, WeChat, ah, Tencent, Tencent, Tencent QQ video precious metal, Baidu maps, Baidu mobile phone, Post Bar, finance…… All have their own actions.

In addition to the Internet giant

, many start-up companies are also involved, even in the past did not attach importance to local marketing during the Spring Festival also has a small action. Obviously, the Internet giant’s emphasis on the spring festival marketing efforts are increasing, Internet Co in recent years, more and more attention to the spring festival marketing multiple reasons.

first, it must be admitted that WeChat red envelopes this dark horse led to the fact that Internet Co marketing during the spring festival.

war broke out in 2014 in the Red Spring Festival Internet marketing classic case: Baidu migration map landing CCTV, cheetah orange bus began operations…… From the beginning of this year, the success of WeChat red envelopes, Internet brand awareness of the Spring Festival is no longer the Internet’s off-season.

since this time the user’s attention is not interfering with miscellaneous information on weekdays, attention in the "window period", is likely to be a marketing case to attract and create the explosion case, even to the brand business to bring the outbreak of Internet marketing, the Spring Festival is rich.

secondly, with the rapid spread of the mobile Internet, smart phones become the core platform for people to access information and communication, Internet Co began to have more opportunities to get user attention.

popular online last year this piece: "today to see a good friend: the circle of friends of the red net? Why don’t send every afternoon tea, the copilot, Diva Myst, chicken soup, tourism, delicacy, luxury self? Is not the rural network? Ha ha ha ha ha, this year a piece out of date.


back home in Chongqing is very deep feelings, 4G almost everywhere, his uncle, aunts or even a child three years old, will even play WiFi mobile phone to the Internet, the popularity of mobile Internet brand has brought out of the traditional media into.

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