Waiting for the summer Tencent enterprise alliance platform QQ group is coming

is now the Internet users use Tencent QQ instant messaging tools most widely, is more than the launch of QQ group chat service, the main group in the creation of the group, you can invite friends or have the common interests of the people to a group chat. It is also because of the relevant professionals together, but also became a lot of companies want to do propaganda in the above sales place, leading all the companies to increase marketing efforts QQ group.


but with the rejection of each group of advertising, QQ group marketing this is not very good, a lot of companies on QQ group marketing is at a loss what to do. But today Xiaobian got a message, Tencent will launch QQ alliance platform, each advertiser can join the QQ group QQ group targeted advertising. This news will make advertisers excited, but this is also good news for QQ group.

"group UNITA to allow you to get your approval on behalf of revenue through the QQ group promotion news, released after the success can be divided into the main income group UNITA look forward to your joining!"

QQ group will become the battlefield of marketing, we do not need experience, because QQ group is a directional flow distribution center. Tencent official intervention, will make the QQ group advertising effect is more prominent.

Xiao Bian believes that if the enterprise QQ group alliance system on-line, then the QQ group marketing will be promoted and passive into active. All businesses as advertisers to the Tencent’s enterprise alliance QQ group advertising platform, according to the Tencent in the group classification of needs of advertisers pushed to join the group union right QQ group, the QQ group can get revenue through advertising and group show group member click. We can imagine that this will be the QQ group for the marketing platform and the birth of an advertising alliance. Tencent Inc as intermediaries will only take others in a particular group sending message needs notice volunteer group UNITA specific users, to help release the demand and release party, working group.

Tencent QQ alliance system advantages:

1 to meet the individual needs of enterprises on behalf of the group of news /, tens of thousands of enterprises to find the right group news release.

2 precise matching by your family, the main group has the absolute control of the release of information, choose the most suitable content delivery.

According to the

3 group value gains, business owners pay for value, the higher the value of the main group, the greater the benefits.

4 settlement is safe and convenient, Tencent guarantees into money, the main caifutong account receivables directly.

now, enterprise alliance QQ group system of Tencent ongoing construction, we wait for the arrival of summer.

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