The choice of website promotion and advertisement

site traffic today, how much revenue today, I think these are the owners are most concerned about it. You will not flow to promote it yourself? I think not, absolutely not, no traffic you hang in many advertisements in vain, so the website traffic is not to go, you are not what advertising revenue, the two should be closely related.

many owners are just built on the station has put a lot of advertising, what pop flashed a lot, you think about if you visit other sites, you see the effect you will feel this website what. You must be bored. So it’s not good to hang too much. It is not to your new sites do not hang advertising, but to be appropriate to hang. The new best hanging point pop, hang point click or registered advertising, websites such as a little traffic you hang some pop ads in consideration. In this case, some of your stable browser should also be accepted, after all, they also have to know how to do a web site does not hang advertising Adsense how to maintain it. Here are a few points to promote and should hang what advertising.

1 new built promotion is very important, the addition of this search engine is bound to do, what GOOGEL, Baidu, Sohu, Sina can add how much, but also is very important, the new general made a few days have included, Baidu may be longer, but you have well you are not afraid of it not included.

2 blog, will bring about a part of the flow, a good content will attract a lot of people, can be a lot of kinds, what essays, sports, entertainment, games can write.

3 some large-scale forum to send post, although it may be deleted, but also, not all forum will delete your post, if your content is not a pure water tank it is generally not deleted.

4 if you good Wencai you can write some articles, what a funny, sad, experience. To the major forum to send, so the effect is good.

5 can do is collect, what’s the news worth attention attention every day, to write articles of everyone’s attention, especially some star news, impact strength after all is a big star.

6 brush site traffic, with as little as possible, even if it is your own station every day now traffic is 0 or 100 decades, also do not have to brush, brush out because even if you are not deceiving yourself. They might be K off letters like IP, this is your loss.

7 early new Hang clicks and registered advertising, such advertising generally do not affect the web browser, what network game ah, free registration send what sort of hang up on the line, people have no registered income do not worry, the flow up, you browse the website of many people the natural people may point to the. Site traffic is slightly stable

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