Website content is King website promotion is Wing

a few days ago, a small video on the YouTube has aroused great concern of everyone. This is a guy named Matt Cutts personal monologue: in answer to "the content of the website or the king (King)? Or that there is no other (structure) has gone beyond it?", Matt Cutts said: "there is a good site content is necessary, but this is not enough to promote your site, because you need to find it, so how to promote your website content is also very important." The word Matt is simple, again to strengthen the industry of a common before the understanding, namely the website promotion work is very important, but now it seems that it should perhaps than we imagined even more important. Then, Matt spoke so has weight, what exactly is who? Originally, he is a senior engineer of Google, compiled the Google family filter. He said 100 employees or Google before one of the most.

There are many ways to promote

website, advertising, writing soft Wen, etc., can be seen as a post ( In this focus on SEO. Once, I engage in the website optimization work not very understanding: the guy does not really do content, only those who engage in crooked ways. In fact, SEO is Search engine optimization, search engine optimization.

site special consideration in the overall structure to cater to and meet the requirements of search engines, especially Google, to achieve the best / most of the search rankings, because we all need to get this in Google above who should rank, ranking of flow, namely money. However, I personally think that SEO work to be treated differently, can be broadly divided into the following two cases:

(1) specialized commercial sites, every day a lot of information and data updates, you must need a strong professional SEO work, because the site’s ranking means traffic, traffic, of course, means money. Therefore, large sites have built a professional team, and even outsourced to professional SEO company operations.

(2), personal blog site, you only need to pay attention to the basic rules of SEO can be, not in pursuit of too much SEO, because you can only use your spare time and energy to do so will only Gesanchaiwu to issue a Post, as my personal blog Without a lot of quality information, SEO what is the significance of the work?

in addition, the personal site to write Bo, to a large extent, but it is just a hobby, interest dictates, at best, little bit of money, it is difficult to toss up. It is foolish to make a career out of a hobby, because in the end you will find that your return is far less than your time and effort. The >

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