How to do well the nternet news marketing

this is an era of information explosion, how the enterprise through the news information publicity and marketing enterprises? How can accurate sound to reach the target audience, to achieve the best publicity? All these problems are facing news as a powerful propaganda tool, but incapable of action dilemma. In January 16, 2012, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "report" twenty-ninth Chinese Internet development in Beijing: as of the end of December 2011, Chinese users reached 513 million, the total number of Internet users in 55 million 800 thousand; Internet penetration rate compared with the previous year increased 4 percentage points, reaching 38.3%. Which network news users reached 367 million, accounting for the total number of Internet users of the total number of 71.5%, from this data we can see that the Internet has become an important force in public opinion. Therefore, the Internet news has become a very important means of corporate marketing.

do not know if you have carefully found that in the past near a recall all network news events, that is "3B" war – Qihoo (360) launched a new search engine and Baidu compete for a cyber source search engine market war. Some other companies with the "3B" of all the hype, all kinds of false news Cen not poor, the purpose is to take to promote their own. This is a typical case of Enterprise News marketing. This example is mainly to illustrate the Internet news marketing has become an important means of corporate marketing. Enterprises have been fully aware of the importance of Journalism and communication, of course, like "3B" war news resources may not always appear, enterprise news resources have not been so easy to find, so, in the news as a case of scarce resources, enterprises need to create their own Internet news sources, succeeded in making news events, enterprises the news will be everywhere, the publicity of enterprises will be gradually in-depth the lives of the majority of Internet users.

so what information should be published in the case of enterprises, mainly including the following aspects:

company leaders became public figures or a target for all


major social events and social events;

enterprise initiated social commonweal activity;


companies get special rewards;


image of the enterprise crisis;


enterprise foreign investment, enterprise scale;

In addition to making full use of the

several news resources release opportunities, while the enterprise Internet news marketing need to do the following three aspects:

first, the Internet news marketing should focus on event marketing. The Internet marketing news, not simply write soft text and press releases, but need to be carried out by hot event publicity, use the opportunity to continue mining hot and focus the most valuable, and to combine the characteristics of enterprises, the majority of Internet users.

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