Promote case sharing six months to create a popular blog

before I also wrote an article "how do I promote my own blog" how to promote their blog. I used to think their blog promotion means also is very good, now each article is visited about 2000, about 50 of the number of replies. But not long ago found a IT independent blog, the blog was only about half the time, but now each article reviews the number as high as more than and 100 to 200, and after careful observation, are real comments. Each article browsing number W, so let me curious, want to understand each other is how to promote, in the short time, do so popular.

legend: Lou loose blog website design.


this blog, some of the industry may be able to write an independent blog friends also know that is the website design blog". Lu students in their blog also wrote an article on how to promote their blog. However, in order to promote my experience, according to the inside of the method, is certainly not up to now the effect of. Now let’s take a look at the 6 promotional tools mentioned in the blog.

one: the surface to see the promotion means (brackets is my comment on this method)

1: QQ group promotion (Lu Songsong has 3 of the design of the QQ group, there are 200 kinds of design articles, will be in the group to share);

2: sincere application links (this method, according to my experience, not too much effect on the flow);

3: soft Wen promotion, the article published to the relevant web site (Lu Songsong also often write some readability of the article, to each site, this is also the first of my blog to promote one of the main means);

4: the site submitted to the navigation station, the directory station (this method, according to my experience, the flow is not much effect);

5: incisive comments (Lu Songsong of this introduction is very simple, look at the surface of the experience, not much effect on the flow);

6: to publish their own works on the Internet free of charge to share (Lu Songsong has produced some free software, and then bundled with the blog address on these software. Have a certain effect, but not too much.

if you press the above said Lu Songsong share several promotion means, to blog popularity do now scale, is completely impossible. Because he said that, although I did not do a few, but there are a few, I do more than he is the ultimate. For example, QQ group promotion and soft Wen promotion, I believe that these 2 I do more than him. I have 21 network promotion group, but also with the promotion of the network of 20 groups, I am also a lot of soft channel. So when I saw this, I don’t believe in Kazakhstan, and later Lou song song QQ, asked him what the promotion, he began to write is also said that the promotion method in my article to do. Of course I don’t believe it. Later >

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