How to effectively win the flow of the website to promote the use of wind

the current domestic Internet industry, brush flow has become the primary indicator, many sites in the early days of the establishment of the first goal of the increase in traffic. It is also because of how SEO, link, the flow of traffic to become the industry’s most popular keywords. However, many people often make tremendous effort, also not to discuss any good, but some people are clever and not through some fancy moves, the website traffic doubled.

is still a headache for this traffic? Do not admit defeat, you know that you have been reading about how to improve the flow of information, also know that you have been trying. So, do not give up, with the wind with you, to try the following approach: the wind to promote the use of the site.

This method of

wind tight, simple can be summarized as follows: what is the content of the search to find the most popular web site to Baidu or GOOGLE, a subselect, quickly made electronic documents related to the topic, such as electronic books, electronic reports, and even create a theme in audio and video; your website or BLOG, and the content listed above. It’s a big deal.

is the following five simple steps:

1, landing or site, to understand the current most popular search content that keyword.

2, select one of the items you are interested in at least. (it’s best if you’re interested and relevant to your site).

3, online search related topics, and compile relevant information. This will be your original content. Must be creative, the results must be compiled to search for the theme of what people expect. (how to make e-books, please search the relevant website)

4, and then create the theme quickly in your existing web site, and put your assembly results on the subject of attention, no matter what your results, please be sure that your assembly results in a paragraph, and in these words with the theme (keywords).

5, silly but useful way, in addition to your own website in Baidu, Sina, etc. these popular BLOG application, then these results are you finishing on top, that are placed in the original (I do not say it).

in short, as long as you in the public interest can be in trouble.

in fact, we all know that a lot of people do so, but there is no system to do, or the system to do only a few large portal. Here is an example, say that we all know: Yan – Zhao – door!!

tight wind that some time ago, many sites use this keyword greatly up once, but.

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