Online shopping ten pieces of goods of the four non real estate industry and Commerce Administration



State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the Internet transaction oriented monitoring results

industrial and commercial bureau of sampling 92 batches of samples, only 54 genuine

non genuine rate of 41.3%

days ago, SAIC announced sampling results show that online shopping commodity genuine rate of less than 60%, the genuine was the lowest, only 37.25%. SAIC pointed out that the presence of online trading platform strict access control, information censorship and other issues. Under pressure, the major electricity supplier platform has recently increased efforts to combat counterfeiting.

on Friday, SAIC announced the first half of the network commodity transaction directional monitoring results in 2014, to conduct random checks of key commodities, Tmall, Taobao and other major Jingdong, shop No. 1 online shopping platform, in 92 batches of sample, only 54 batches of samples for the goods are genuine, non rate was 58.7%. Genuine rate of 41.3%.

SAIC issued a risk warning, pointing out that the network trading platform prone to illegal problems.

1 shop entrance checks lax. Some do not shop platform, unauthorized use of the name of the enterprise management. Such as food, cosmetics, health products and other food and drug administration departments have to be approved before the operation, but some of these procedures did not shop. There are some shops did not light the identity of the provisions of the network transaction platform qualification examination registration formality.

2 commodity information review ineffective. Some online trading platform to sell goods are infringing registered trademark rights without lawful sources of import certificate, the state banned the sales and other types of commodity information. Platform operators to enter the commodity information review, routine monitoring, illegal disposal is not in place.

3 sales behavior management confusion. During the promotion period, a number of businesses in the presence of activities before the price increase, after the discount, the first low-cost discount to attract consumer attention, to no inventory on the grounds of non sales and other illegal promotions.

4 Credit Evaluation flawed. Some online trading platform credit rating system can not distinguish between true and false transactions, to leave a gap in the hype credit.

view: fake definition controversial

according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce, in the monitoring, unified the fake and shoddy products, refurbished products, non authorized formal channels, content and publicity inconsistent products, 3C certification, non Chinese mainland official genuine does not conform to the "consumer use of general cosmetics label" requirements of the products listed as non genuine. The report thinks, the generalized concept of dozens of fake, substandard products, smuggled goods, copycat, fake and pirated products, all belong to the infringement, but the infringement of the direction and extent of their differences, still a lot of gray area.


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