This year capital fueling group purchase burn money game


Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei became the first to be during the Spring Festival to "contain" the group purchase chiefs, Groupon headquarters also became a merchant, internal staff and the media gathering place. Groupon is currently owed merchants million dollar payments, wages owed millions of dollars. After being "run away" for many days, Ren Chunlei appears in micro-blog, said it had traveled to Shenzhen to raise funds, currently through the collective efforts of all shareholders, each money is gradually arrival, starting today to check the payment.

from rival news: Ren Chunlei registered two companies – Groupon in Beijing (Chinese) Agel Ecommerce Ltd and the Beijing Republic Aveda advertising media Co. Ltd., both made a call, "the purpose is very simple, the volume of money is to run away". Insiders suggested that the group should be sold directly to the domain name ( to the United States Groupon, with the money to help themselves.

as Groupon in Chinese market joint venture, has been in the domestic group purchase site Gaopeng The climate does not suit one. also continue their farce, employees at micro-blog live in the whole process of layoffs storm: during the Spring Festival, while employees are not in the position to take the computer, is almost mandatory unilaterally terminate the labor contract, and without any compensation.

February 1st, long seen the Wo Wo Group CEO Xu Maodong sent a micro-blog: "at the beginning of this year, IPO progress of friends concerned about Wo Wo Group, Wo Wo Group IPO in accordance with the original plan, is waiting for the appropriate capital market window period. There is no plan to replace the underwriters." This is a new year, motivate employees convey confidence in the information, attracted a lot of supportive comments, but there are also some embarrassing situation, recently broke is a new round of layoffs, a city sub station cuts of up to 90%, some city sub station now only three four.

do not know there is no one remember a group purchase industry seminar on 2011 March in the venture investment enterprise technology for gold, a vice president of the group purchase website suddenly: "I found our competition is not fierce, even to sit here together to chat." Voice landing, full laugh. In less than a year, has been to severe tests of airflow.

really do not buy it? This is the capital of the rapid birth of the industry, what are the possible variables?

whose winter?

before and after the Spring Festival, CEO handle Wu Bo nonstop travel company with sales personnel across meet, visit business customers. He stressed in the internal meeting of two things, one is the key to do the market has been the implementation of the continuous, and the two is to emphasize not too utilitarian, as long as the direction of the line". In January 1, 2012, he sent more than 3 thousand employees to send an e-mail, saying that in 2012 will be a very critical year for China’s electricity supplier, we stand >

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