Stripe founder the younger two brothers subvert the online payment

lead: the two brothers founded the company obtained Thiel and Andressen two investment big coffee sector’s favor, and a great reputation of Elon Musk, founder of Box Aaron Levie, and a top venture capital investment.


Internet needs to have a better way to deal with the payment of funds, the start-up company has mastered the key to winning". The two brothers founded the company obtained Thiel and Andressen two investment big coffee sector’s favor, and a great reputation Tesla founder Elon Musk, founder of Box Aaron Levie, a top investment and venture capital company.

I only see Greg Brockman and

a clock, my credit card number to him. Brockman is Stripe’s chief technology officer, this is a valuation of $one billion online payment startups, Strip investment in Silicon Valley venture capital investment company is a well-known industry with a great reputation. Brockman want to show their company to me less than four minutes, after him in his notebook computer on a strike, they set up a mini web service, you can easily in my credit card for payment transactions. After a while, he gave me a lot of money in my credit card, of course, he turned the money back to his account.

Stripe technology is very meaningful for many people, such as software developers around the world, numerous App application developers, as well as a variety of ways to accept and deal with payment services. Stripe wants to let them know that they don’t have to worry about the boring job anymore. It takes less than ten minutes to provide an email address, and then come back several times to "cut and paste", can set up processing tools, online transactions and of course, you may need to add a little code and an application interface key, and then according to their own individual needs to build a payment service. You don’t need to try to control the processing of credit card transactions "mysterious network" (in the past few years, the credit card network is mainly in the construction, business entities in the online service there is no need to worry about this problem), only need to bind your own system on their network can.

"if you don’t have the patience, just want to try to play," Brockman said. "You might as well try it first and see what it feels like." Brockman mentioned here, "it" is actually the product of Stripe company, including Stripe services, application interface, and application programming interface, all of which can help developers to quickly integrate their own Stripe service website and App application. However, the "it" mentioned here may also be related to financial transactions