Write for all day scold Baidu not included and K station friends

you curse Baidu not included you, K your station, and you did not cheat. You don’t know why,


I think Baidu to improve the degree of audit is better, you can make a good stand better, so that all the garbage station dead. Do you know why


the world can count the number of Chinese garbage station, literally will play a few words to pass a few pictures to buy a few dollars CN domain name to say that he is a webmaster, that China must have many webmaster. This threshold is low to say that he is a webmaster, and now the word is the basic and beggar Association together, poor, stay up all night. I believe that most of the webmaster website income less than 100 of a lot of it. Beggars are not only a point, ah, people do not cost. We have to get rid of the electricity cost. Chinese poor but also cost than foreign are expensive, you also go to scold scold Telecom ah.

there are a lot of webmasters like to imitate, copy. Web site to see who is good to imitate who, to see who will go to copy the article who. The whole station in addition to the name of their own to take that is your own ah, then what to Baidu included you. So it doesn’t know how much Baidu is going to increase the number of servers to collect those dumpster. If there are 100 stationmaster net that you ran to see the post and also kill you, so there is only one Admin5? So much plagiarism, what admin6 ah more than and 789 is to Baidu people do not K you also included you, where to put the people Admin5 feet.

there is a life is to follow the trend, to see what others stand a little success immediately imitate and follow suit. For example, before the site, hao123 was acquired by Baidu after a number of Web site, and then the 265 after the acquisition is numerous, suit does not matter, you have to have their own style, has this capability, ah, go directly to the hao123 and 265 templates into their own name said he is the webmaster. Just want to be Baidu included you, I owe you people ah, girls and spouse right, don’t you see a beauty love others will have someone to marry you? You have to have the ability to say what ah, good, good people to come to you, so I hope those who are K or not included the station doors look for their own reasons for it, you should read more information on SEO, don’t know what all don’t understand all depend on others included you.

my station is a navigation station called 361 site navigation, but my own design, from design to production station spent 1 and a half line, almost half the time that one and a half months stay up all night, even at the time of the Tencent for outsourcing Tencent told me to go to the station that I didn’t go to the office, pay so much time and energy, his stand is waiting for half a month to be included. Then a series of SEO optimization currently makes up, but this is my endeavor, I also Baidu down the right hair, I find the reasons, then continued for 2 months began to slowly restore included, so we want to study and find their own reasons, etc. you really have the ability and experience to look to you.