U S media the world is difficult to imagine the network is not a network of days

Reference News Network reported on August 22nd the "Washington Post" website published in August 19th entitled "5 myths" network, the article said, to celebrate the 25 anniversary of the birth of the world wide web, it is increasingly hard to imagine life without the internet.

article said that although there is no doubt that our world is the power of the Internet has changed, but its history also includes some persistent myths and funny naive forecast.

is a myth, we know who is at what time invented the world wide web and Internet

on Google is who invented the world wide web and the Internet, it will give you the answer. However, the concept of "invention" does not really reflect the true history of these technologies, they come from the cooperation of many people, and their development is characterized by a rare time of significant change.

An outstanding figure in the history of the

World Wide Web is Tim · Berners lee. He invented a hypertext markup language (HTML), a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) for sending files over the Internet, and software programs for viewing and browsing web pages. However, Berners Lee did not sit down one day to invent the internet. There are many pioneers who outlined the ideas and systems. Berners Lee from 1980 began to consider the hypertext program, nearly 10 years after · and Robert; Kayue developed an information management system scheme.


including the December 20, 1990 first milepost website announced that the World Wide Web project in August 6, 1991; Berners Lee, a public mailing list on April 30, 1993 announced; web based code for all free. Although Stephen Lukasik, Venter · · Joseph and Bob · Kahn Internet pioneer made some clear records of the actual situation, but the fact that the Internet from militarism and former vice president Gore to eliminate the role of myth.

two, the world wide web is a myth invented by American

‘s discussion of Internet management is usually focused on international pressure to reduce u.s.. From the 80s to the mid of last century, the United States Department of defense cost hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development of the core technology of the Internet in the last century from the last century to the middle of the last century in the late 60s. Through the advanced research projects agency and the Department of defense communications and other entities, defense investment plays an important role in building the digital infrastructure we use to browse the web. Congress and the White House have passed laws and policies to support the development of the Internet and e-commerce.

but the world wide web is clearly coming from Europe, and even the United States has done its share of international cooperation. Berners Lee is a British, some key technologies with a Belgian Engineer Kayue he developed in Switzerland the world wide web. In close cooperation with the European research personnel and Joseph Kahn, the development of the French computer scientist Louis pouzin > ·