Talk about how to do content marketing from the relationship between the old man and the mat

fall with the help of the old man, the old man fell help not help"…… When these topics become the hot spot of the network, why not do empathy, why wait for the elderly fall again to help, how to prevent the elderly fall, how no one to discuss this topic? "Nip in the bud" is the most correct way, if easy to fall in place, and protective measures to prevent the fall, such as anti-skid pads, will not reduce the security risk, the fall of course, the old man fell down but also relates to the social morality heart problems. From the point of view of the content of the website marketing, to seize the hot spots of society, pain points, and then combined with the site’s products are well integrated, the power of positive publicity, which is a good way to do content marketing.


from traditional marketing to Internet marketing cannot do without content marketing, which changes are the carrier of the content such as content, before the Internet marketing is the main carrier of television, newspapers, radio, and the Internet era, the content rich website, a lot of marketing support from the media, micro-blog, WeChat, the public…… Content marketing can be carried out, and as the basis and the foundation of the Internet, the site’s content marketing can not be ignored, then how to do the content of the site marketing it?

first, there must be a certain writing foundation. The content is not a short duration of time things, but as a network marketing, especially web site operators, the relative lack of funds in the early cases, have certain writing ability should be said to be basic network marketing people, is the ability of each marketing people should possess. Whether it is planning to write a marketing plan, write soft, public relations, or planning events, promotional copy, writing skills are required. In fact, have certain writing ability is not too difficult, as long as the immersed in an industry for a long time, the industry related to people and things, the characteristics of the industry, the latest trends in the industry will have a certain understanding, then, have the content, ability of writing ability is to organize the content. Learn some basic writing, which can effectively prevent the writing is too scattered, can not grasp the core. Writing ability is also practiced, and write every day to keep an eye on the relevant industry news, learning and practice, will write a good content.


content marketing should have a certain hot spot, grasp the user’s thinking. Content marketing around a hot topic, is a time tested means of network marketing, taking advantage of hot marketing to make analysis, because some hot spot is to go to flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, too fast, and there are some hot spots, is always the focus of the society, such as "aunt" this topic, covering almost all the life. Square dance, gold, stocks, real estate, and of course the aunt fell down how to do? "Aunt" can be said to be a social group, the group of economic capacity, and relatively weak, so they always around the topic, as a hot "figure", continue to do the relevant content, is a good choose. Of course, the product should be closely integrated with the hot events, such as

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