Website promotion six tips

the Internet is like a battlefield, but the promotion of the site is like a battlefield weapon.

below to introduce some of the weapons:

1 soft Wen promotion

more in the webmaster nets, blogs, etc.. Stop writing and promotion plan in the perspective of the media, you can make each soft text was reproduced, a maximum benefit.

2.seo optimization

suggest that you visit the webmaster network, learn about SEO common sense. After all, Baidu is still the boss in China, how to make your site more weight.

3 keyword advertising

this method is suitable for enterprises to promote some potential customers.

4 alliance ad

China’s Alliance advertising after another, it is recommended that you use the pay per click (CPA) and guide sales (CPS).

5 ebook promotion

finishing the relevant documents, and the production site related to e-books. Integrating web content into e-books.

6 campaign promotion

often engage in some member activities, which is suitable for SNS website!

above is some of my experience, I hope we can bring some help!

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