Pinta for 6 million angel financing in the VR world with the game interactive storytelling


Pinta (pinta studio) is an established in June VR studio, they completed a round of 6 million yuan of angel financing now, investors Weihong films and financial fund Shi zhen.

due to the establishment of just one month later, the VR content of Pinta is still in the original setting and screenwriter stage, here I do not like in the past about the actual experience, can say is the contents of the Pinta production line and the team.

The story of

and Pinta interaction is being produced in the "The Dream Collector" core, this animation to tell about a time not forget the early heart, gently wipe the dream story, the theme is finally It is quite common for the story, to see whether it can really go into the audience.

first production process of the work is the first writer, Pinta CEO Zhengmeng Lei told me now a lot more VR content is the scene first, first set a VR scene such as concerts, scenery and so on, and then to think in this scene for what a story, "but really can make people from the heart deep immersion VR should be a good story, the past movies or other content is the same."


Pinta let the writers first is to find a good story, and then go through the VR to bring the story to the user, VR is for the story, rather than for VR and the story.

of course, this is not to say that Pinta does not take into account the characteristics of VR, interaction is one of the core of Pinta works. I have said in this article, the content in VR field, games and movies will become increasingly blurred boundaries, VR game requires a good story to make people more immersed, and natural interaction also need to tell the story of the game will add some interactive elements.

Lei said that the more direct, not the boundary blurred, the two will be unified in the future." Pinta in the "The Dream Collector" in the process of making use of the game will be used in the synchronization rendering technology, the design of a lot of interactive elements for the user to experience. In fact, this VR animation if you only look at the story, when the length of about 5 minutes, but with the experience of interaction can be achieved after about 15 minutes."

Pinta will choose the story and interact with their creative breakthrough in the leading, this story is a grain of rice, he before the start in the spotlight animation before the first VR animation "goodbye" is led by his expression, this works on some interactive scene and the story is really only a regret to give it now do business work. The rice before or "return" the executive director, participated in the "rock dog" version of the story of creation.

in addition to rice, "The>

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