From the first five digit income this year to see the network to promote the transformation of opera

has not written this year, the original, one is because of the recent busy, no time; two is because they did not find a good theme. Today just a business contract signed, to get some inspiration, so wrote this year’s first original article, I hope you continue to support the SEO college.

first talk about this business, this business is my first five digit income this year. The cause is I before the company boss contact me, said that for this year in a referral advertising (formerly a day to 200 thousand AD), asked me to have good advertising resources to introduce, I certainly did not deny also not sure, just politely said to help him understand. Originally thought that this is the case, the results of the third day to an old client who talked about the new cooperation, the results changed my original idea.

the old customer is a local hotel responsible person, actually didn’t what things, simply said to do some small things, and then not heard they chat there may be demolished next year. We are aware of the demolition of a lot of people have heard about the demolition of the matter quickly stamped, so when you talk about compensation can be more than a little. At that time I reminded the old customer, he suggested that his hotel upstairs can be stamped with several outdoor billboards. This way can be leased to others during this time; and also more when compensating for damages. A simple analysis of the advantages and disadvantages after, I don’t know that I sold the old customers, or the old customer was in a plan in this business has become a temporary talk.

back when the company is very happy, because this is not expected, after all, is the new year’s first big business, but also to celebrate the evening. On the second day with a contract signed in the past, but also successfully received a 40% advance.

although the business is what I talk about, but after all, to the company to do, can get 30% of the profits, of course, very happy. But that’s not enough for five digits.

after two days, the company’s boss called again, ask the last thing. He didn’t say it, I have forgotten, but he said, immediately have an idea, there is not just old customers receive an advertising business, advertising of the old customers introduced to the former company, so can also sell two (not at the human? Think of profit). Then I told my boss that I had a friend who just had an advertisement and was still in the construction of the XXX hotel. Of course, the previous boss also know the hotel, and then also feel it right, that there is time to talk about the past.

project is also the end of the 4 day, I went to the old customers there to look at the construction site, in fact, with a purpose to go. At the moment asked the old customer, I hope that the cost of advertising out of the lease is how much, he said he did not know, but also asked me, I would like to say according to the situation in the vicinity of advertising, probably about 100 thousand per year. The old customer is about the same, then

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