How to promote your website to catch the headlines

today I was first published here, each site of the people all know the importance of promotion website is the website promotion is very important, but how to play a good headline caught the heart and put it in the most persuasive "statements" solidified into words, and one thousand days, 1000 throughout the show thousands of visitors, "copy" can help you convince your visitors, and never reach "always maintain the best effect of"


title is a copy of the web portal and packaging, and then beautiful girls, not a beautiful coat, but also easy to be ignored".

so, you copy the title, you must be able to do wonderful line. Your title determines the copy "80%" response, you say it is not important?

so, the title is equivalent to the first impression of "blind date"; equivalent to the "speech" opening remarks.

in general, the title, to make it clear: what kind of benefits you can bring people, you can solve the problem of people. The core is to let the viewer produce "this is what I’ve been looking for for a long time.".

how to write such a title?

recommends that you browse through magazines, journals, and articles. Compare, which is the most attractive to you. In particular, you should pay attention to the most attractive to you".

here, I’ll introduce you to a few key words – they can produce a different "temptation"".

remember: "you", "new", "how". For example, you can also like that from sad for 20 years as the girl, in 30 days on a and a new method to cure the face of small Doudou, want to know how she did it? "

good vocabulary will produce a good response rate, so you have to pay special attention to the various articles, the use of words.

in addition, there are some words, but also very valuable. Such as "cash", "result", "easy", "health", "love", "discovery", "proof", "guarantee", "secret"……

of course you don’t have to include all the words, just be flexible.

at the same time, I would like to introduce a few "title template" to you.

(1) how to get * * benefits / how to avoid * * *

, for example, "how to save the phone bill". How do you feel,


in fact, this can also be optimized again, become: how to dial 4 digits, let you save at least $36 per week?

do you compare the differences between these two titles?

(2) news report

, for example, recently, a proven method that allows the camera to set up

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