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this week, a new technology company called Atlassian successfully listed on the first day the stock rose 32%, a market capitalization of nearly $6 billion, the company is perhaps the last of a listed company of science and technology, the American mainstream media are that the company listed as cheerful as a lark, 2015 is the perfect ending the war, into a shot the arm for the recent weakness in the venture capital environment and IPO market, greatly inspired entrepreneur and investor confidence, but the irony is that this company is not from Silicon Valley, but from the distant Homeland — Australia koala.


the company also has a few big magic: never received external financing, the proportion of the founder shares listed over 2/3, since the establishment of more than ten years to maintain profitability.

compared to the previous Silicon Valley star startups Square and Box at the time of listing encounter Waterloo, Atlassian successfully listed more extraordinary significance. The start-up company from Australia gave the Silicon Valley "unicorn" a vivid lesson: what is the right position to market, how the company will be favored by Wall Street.

annual profit

Atlassian was founded in 2002, the main business is to help the software development team to improve work efficiency. Atlassian in the listing application documents that their products can not only help developers better cooperation, but also the non developers also included and improve the efficiency of interaction and technical personnel work.


Atlassian’s products currently include team work plan and project management software JIRA, content production team for the Confluence software tool Bitbucket real-time communication tools HipChat and team development code sharing similar to the Slack team.

currently has 51 thousand corporate users in the world’s 160 countries, including small companies, but also the wealth of 100 and the wealth of the middle and large companies in the 500 Atlassian.

Atlassian generated revenue from software licensing fees, daily maintenance fees and service subscription fees. In June 30th as the end of the fiscal year, from 2013 to 2015, Atlassian achieved operating income of 148 million, $215 million and $319 million, an annual growth rate of up to 46.7%.

subvert the perception of startups

Atlassian successfully listed, at least from the following aspects: Subversion of many people in the cognitive startups: first of all, most startups in the market before, especially the Unicorn (above the level of the company valuation of $1 billion) mostly after many rounds of financing, with the help of >

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