April Fool’s Day Marketing nternet PK a powerful and unconstrained style of creativity

Liu Jiale Yan

April Fool’s day, on the marketing market, is a creative big PK.

Baidu launched a product called smart lamp accessories search, through the "friction" action to wake up, on the issue of voice commands;

Alibaba launched the "Matrix+ (code +)" plan to put billions of mobile phones and other smart devices connected to the earth, the history of the world’s most powerful supercomputing network;


is measured in a new feature – shake a general smell. Whether it is the smell of grass after the rain, the rich smell of particles into the fog and haze, or on the bus mixed leek and garlic mystery gas;

If the

is not cool enough, the Tencent is more "hot" news: from 2017 onwards the Tencent will move to the home of Antarctic penguins.

don’t underestimate the marketing of April Fool’s day. Businessmen are playing ups and downs of the joke, is creating huge commercial value.

ups and downs of the joke

April 1st early in the morning, the first Financial Daily reporters on an explosive news wake up – Baidu will be used where to change Ctrip stock, Ctrip will hold where.

as long as Sike each other Ctrip and where to go if I become one family some day in the future, it is really a big head. However, the news was soon proved to be April Fool’s day.

this is a typical April Fool’s day marketing means, using all kinds of eye-catching way, a harmless joke, the purpose is to brand promotion.

Ctrip this false news, in April 1st created a lot of marginal effects. Of course, the biggest benefit is Ctrip, where to go to the "party" won the brand promotion, market related enterprise PR personnel in the phone was ringing off the hook.

in the reporter’s circle of friends, the false news has become "Shuabing" as it hits far more than the normal article. Since there is a media message after the news told reporters that his article generally have more than 10 thousand single hits even good, but yesterday the "false news" hits broken 40 thousand. High click on the platform to bring the flow of people from the media, and even received a lot of online play reward income.

Durex administrative micro-blog in April 1 daily attractive red roses to draw a circle, saying "I have reached the age of 18, to enter the site, see the description of this text, the next action is usually viewers Click to enter, but when people enter and found this is just a piece of writing" I has over 18 years of age, enter the site of the picture, no other.

this is a fool’s joke, but you think this is the end? Ingenuity behind: "fooled", Durex also tell you, in fact, this is every man lies, so, now has over 18 years old male friends.

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