Crack venture company to promote the pain point hit the headlines 2 on line flagship enterprise numb

startups in a variety of conditions, how to continue to effectively promote their own projects and brands?

days ago, entrepreneurial services star’s products hit headlines sent 2 update on-line version of the flagship of the enterprise, is to solve this pain point, given their solutions.

is a headline vertical information APP a focus on the field of venture capital, mainly relying on big data and intelligent recommendation, give users personalized reading experience, on-line for months has become an important channel for users to get information of the venture capital. The new version of the hit headlines compared to the 1 version, in addition to the basic function of the further improvement, but also increase the "enterprise" function, the user can access from the investment institutions, the public record space, start-up companies in the first hand information from.

for urgent promotion to achieve the brand of "cold start" entrepreneurial companies, suffered a headline of the enterprise, can be very good to help them solve many early pain points and difficulties in promotion, such as seeking more difficult, to operate a public number of fans difficult transformation and long cycle effective media reports, etc..

brand from 0 to 1, the need for sustained, effective, rhythmic communication with the target user, and through a certain media exposure, the formation of brand accumulation." Star Group co-founder Li Maoda said, at present, the number of public official micro-blog has become the main way of communication enterprises and users in addition to this, a number of enterprises to provide a new headline position of a media and enhance the brand.

it is understood that the headline creating enterprise, provides a Self Publishing channel for enterprises, and through the station traffic distribution brings certain communication effect to these contents; on the other hand, through the Associated Media crawl and reproduced the relevant content, expand the communication coverage. "In this way, the company’s daily public relations promotion demands can be met. For the creation of space and institutions, but also through this channel to further improve their service system." Li Maoda said that recently, in order to help settle the start-up companies, they provide a focus on the seed users in the station map, subscription recommendation, promotion, training and other benefits.

currently has more than and 500 start-up companies, investment institutions and the public record space, in beta in a headline enterprise.

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