What insight can be successful in marketing

Xi’s visit to the United Kingdom is running a new energy cooperation projects. Ha, because he made a deep insight into China’s economic development, take these projects, you can build a bright road of economic and trade, to complete a successful marketing in various fields in china. Do not hurry to learn to learn.

these days, my circle of friends and is a scraper, but this time the protagonist is extraordinary, he let the people learning much. Ordinarily, the general is hot belongs to political news, a national leader to visit Britain but learning greatly the heart of the people, not only talk about political exchanges, economic cooperation and more. Chatter Jun in the circle of friends to see a lot of friends is so evaluation of learning greatly:


learning greatly at the age of more than and 60, as the CEO company, 1 billion 400 million employees, family Liushijiduowanyi, for the company’s development, but also to deal with customers to touch the bottom of the cup, in order to take high iron and 400 billion large nuclear power, late at night in the pub by customers with alcohol, but also keep pace with the times to accompany guests to play the self shuabao……"

British netizens say so:

learning greatly is a very bold leader, go to where, where cooperation projects."

In fact,

is learning to run a new energy cooperation projects. Why? Because he made a deep insight into the Chinese economic development, take these British cooperation projects, to build a bright road of economic and trade fields, China completed a successful marketing.


then the question is, what kind of insight can be successful marketing insight, it is separated? Hole peep, find the user secret. This said, is not doing market research well, yes, but not all, you understand the user, does not mean that you will be able to impress users. You chatter from a classic case of different, summarized the following four insight into the way, you may be able to give readers some help.

one, the user demands as marketing thinking, the seed user as a brand endorsement. In the era of information explosion of the user, will not just passively receive information guide and educate others, they also have their own set of ideas, although some even though some spread all across in confusion, uneven in quality, but as a marketing person, not to the user bias, should respect the voice of all. Understanding is omnipotent, especially in the face of consumers, understanding is stepping into their lives, but also to let them into your product interface. In other words, empathy + initiative = emotional appeal of success.

when a group of relative products like you people, and carefully put forward suggestions for you, congratulations to you, who is your dream fancier. As a marketer, to learn and fancier heart, like a friend, emotion dominates each other’s thinking, naturally.

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