A comparative analysis of marketing points of Youth and ron Man 3

May day is hot, the film marketing in May is equally hot. Zhao Wei’s directorial debut "we eventually lost youth" (hereinafter referred to as the "Youth" on the niche) and Hollywood blockbuster "Iron Man 3" really can be described as taylor. This is the light box office records are estimated to have let the light media and DMG of the two companies, but also fierce before and after these two film marketing work. The niche to comparative analysis of these two parts in the mainland so popular movie marketing point.

first look at the brilliant achievements of the two films:

"Iron Man 3": on the first day of release has even hit 4 of the mainland movie box office record – the first day at the box office champion (before the "Transformers 3" 110 million), released on Wednesday at the box office champion (before "embarrassed" Thailand 39 million), single day box office champion (before the "Westward Journey" drop the article 123 million), midnight box office the champion (before the "Transformers 3" 12 million 500 thousand).

is not only popular in mainland China, "Iron Man 3" is also the new darling of the global film market, the "Iron Man 3" release area, have broken the box office record in the region. The United States ranked second in the history of the first week at the box office on the list.

May 1st zero release, as of May 5th, the day of Labor Day was released on the day of the Hollywood summer blockbuster accumulated at the box office on more than 390 million yuan, nearly $400 million!

"Youth": released third days, the film hit a single day box office record. Released a week, breaking 500 million at the box office, the box office soared. This is a new director for the domestic film debut record, can be said to be very brilliant.

April 26th release, as of May 6th, the box office has broken 500 million.

investors contrast

DMG: "Chinese entertainment media investment Iron Man 3", known as the Chinese largest integrated marketing advertising and media organizations, to provide the best quality service to integrated marketing, cross culture, strategy and creative, have a major impact on customer and brand communication, the success of a product. We may in the name like Huayi Brothers so familiar, but "the founding of a republic", "Du Lala promotion", "shadow lover" such popular movie must know, DMG has investment.

ray media: "to youth" investment side. If you do not know the media group before, then the light is definitely the hottest role in the entertainment industry. Do not say first some influential program of his own making, one said this year’s hottest comedy "one way" Thailand embarrassed embarrassed, not only let the light stock market, also let the light be familiar. According to reliable data, the stock market in May 2nd, the light of the media market capitalization has surpassed the most well known of the Huayi Brothers, currently into the film "a brother".

the two are needless to doubt, to create a film box office is made. So "Iron Man 3" >

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