How to make use of blog marketing promotion

company to use blog cast brand image, there are many cases in this regard, China lock, where customers, and many large companies to sell products have been involved in this blog promotion. Due to the spread of word of mouth, in a very short time swept the Internet, the formation of explosive brand awareness of many cases. I believe that we can also see some of the merchants in the visit of some of the advertising business, selling clothes, promote corporate brand image, etc..


had a shocking video " Beijing subway shuaishou male " famous blogger hecaitou, in his blog (slot past) mentioned on the Beijing subway shuaishou male video, clarify this video propaganda is the Sony Ericsson f305c mobile phone products rather than people generally think of IPhone, thinks Sony Ericsson is very bad for free for IPhone to do viral marketing, before then introduce the Chevrolet MM video, and will be included in the scope of the latter in the case of network marketing success.

then, another blogger Chen Zhong IT (Sohu employees) in his blog (laugh boil paste affirmed) Beijing subway shuaishou male video marketing effect, the video consciously set the wrong cognition to the audience, and then by the heavy class of speech on the Internet leader (e.g. hecaitou) will carefully set and uncover the truth, the audience suddenly found that Sony Ericsson can also like IPhone cool. Hecaitou see Chen after deduction, are violent, as by boiling water after the hot roll like respond to Chen, has strongly denied any form of employment relationship between himself and Sony Ericsson, but also with the negative before Panruoliangren grassroots network marketing value. Of course, the truth is what we do not know, but we can see that if the promotion in the blog that effect is stronger than traditional advertising.


blog promotion is not an ugly thing, a lot of bloggers believe that such ads in their blog will affect their users, in fact, this is not too much impact. Because the man who wrote the article in this area has been very understanding, as a columnist write something you don’t reprint there will be a lot of people are reproduced, that is to say this is not an advertisement, but spread to the users of useful knowledge. This is also an improvement on the traditional advertising defects, allowing users to get more information from the article they need. This also allows the blog to promote the information is more subtle and more interactive and reputation diffusion. From this point, the original soft Wen is a "cheat the audience" such an idea, this is also the most soft promotion for a place, nobody love fool – whether it is for what purpose. So we wrote the best and the actual situation, for you can write articles not directly to the A5 blog union people fix, the A5 blog union columnist wrote the article is to ask the high quality, to help users of the soft. So that users see the article useful, but also in the promotion of word of mouth.

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