Do not brag original operation is hard is the way

boast this behavior I think most men do it, friends drink, chat friends, colleagues together, this time if not bragging seemed not to know what topics. Man, get together to drink or Dallas, tease everyone happy, very normal, very comfortable. But sometimes cattle can not be blown, especially dry operation, whether it is APP operation or WeChat, or web site operations, do not blindly bragging. Otherwise, the leather is broken. Accidentally because trouble bragging stalls, is not only embarrassing face, even sometimes have wallets.

is like a WeChat recently on behalf of a number of public domestic celebrities published an article entitled "Taobao China die, not rich, live electricity supplier, dead entity, Japan Sun Zhengyi takings" article, and WeChat in the circle of friends to promote the spread of. Well, this article came out as being directly to brew storms on rivers and seas, court proceedings, sued the WeChat public number, and claims 10 million.

this is also a tax, or high cost.

so the majority of WeChat personnel should be a warning, do not order the promotion effect, while posing as the industry celebrities, industry Daniel Oh, at least the occupation ethics or to some controversial articles can not write, but must adhere to express their views on the basis of fact, not having, malicious rumors, not with respect to work the user’s own, and is likely to violate the law.

play WeChat public number cattle or less bragging for seconds, as much as possible the original content of good

WeChat operations is also called the new media operations, from now on, it is not easy to successfully operate a WeChat public number, no matter which industry, the same type of public number is too much. As WeChat operating personnel, the total continuously to think how to talent shows itself in the same type of public number, to think about their own public number how to locate, how to make users satisfied with the production of content, how to interact with the fans, then of course we will go to thinking to the public how to profit.

these are the operators have to think about the problem, some operators in the index under pressure, was forced to have been inadvertently also unable to produce outstanding content. Leadership to see the number of public good or not, mainly to see two points.

1, reading volume

2, the number of fans

two is one of the important indexes of many Internet Co of WeChat public number operators, and operators for the day and night two goals to work hard, but some WeChat operators, in order to achieve the two goals of appeal in a short period of time, take a shortcut. The amount of reading and the number of fans have industry needs, since there is a demand then there will be a relevant market to meet this demand. There are many operators will buy through reading, buy fans to keep up appearances.

, however, to buy the amount of reading and the number of fans like addiction in general, do not buy a night, no effect.

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