Cloud claw Station Group car service for the electrical industry show

Guangzhou New Power Electric Co. the effect show let you be startled at


about customer information:

Guangzhou New Power Electric Co. Ltd belongs to the Guangzhou Nishimori automation equipment Co. Ltd subsidiary. Nishimori China, the first brand China steam metering system. Each product from the mold, the product design, the real flow calibration device is a process engineer company to build a composition every little bit Nishimori, the implementation of modern enterprise management, management of dedicated in the development of continuous innovation; by the process engineer, structure design engineers, electronic software technology strong R & D center, rigorous style of aging; the modernization of production lines, strict quality management system, is the powerful guarantee in an invincible position.


Guangzhou New Power Electric Co. Ltd. is a sign of cloud claw station group train service in 2015 April, up to now there are more than 7 months, the key words on the 484 page, ranking first reached 145.

case results show:




this effect is simply the screen of the screen, there are wood there? You do not echocardiography?

opportunity waits for no one, seize is your wealth!

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