Marketing treasure 5 basic ways of website promotion


said: "the market promotion of treasure website promotion of the ten basic skills", today again said the five basic ways about website promotion. Today’s article may be more macro, according to the folk argument is more virtual, so do not want to see this article comrades please be careful. Personally, in order to promote the work well, can not only understand the pragmatic thought all work silently became; must have a macro understanding of the market, only the combination of theory and practice, to do the work better, faster to progress. Get to the point, here I work on the market some understanding.

a, according to the range of

1, external promotion

as its name implies, external promotion is the pointer to the promotion of potential users outside the station. Mainly through a series of means for potential users to demand, in order to increase the site PV, IP, the number of members or revenue purposes. We are basically the promotion of foreign promotion.

2, the promotion of the internal

and above, on the inside of the promotion is specifically aimed at the promotion of the site. For example, how to increase the frequency of user browsing, how to activate the loss of users, how to increase the interaction between the channels. In response to a network of friends, for example, there are several different domain names of its website, how to make the flow of traffic between these sites, how to make the user interaction between different channels of the site, which are the focus of the promotion.

a lot of people ignored the importance of the promotion, in fact, if the promotion of proper use, the effect is not worse than the external promotion. After all, on the basis of existing users for the two development, the development of new users more easily than the input will be much less.

two, according to input points:

1, paid promotion

is the need to spend money to promote. For example, a variety of network paid advertising, PPC, magazine advertising, CPM, CPC advertising. Do pay promotion, we must consider the price, even if the money is not squandering, to make money effect.

2, free promotion

said here is a free promotion in the absence of additional payment (except part-time) can be promoted. Such a lot of methods, such as the forum to promote the exchange of resources, the promotion of soft, e-mail, etc.. With the intensification of competition, the cost of the increase, the major sites have begun to tend to this way.

three, divided by channel

1, online promotion

refers to the Internet based promotion. Such as online advertising, forums, etc.. Now more and more traditional companies have begun to recognize the online promotion of this way, and the traditional way, its price is very advantageous.

2, offline promotion

refers to the promotion through non internet channels. Such as ground activities, outdoor advertising, etc.. Due to the promotion of the line is usually relatively large, >

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