Circle of friends powder try this weapon


recently trick rolling rainstorm Piaopo, Xiao Bian think who is immortal friends this selloff, so vast momentum? Double laohuangli, originally is the pig CMS micro voting V6.0 world! It was played with a BGM marketing tool for small, very good, you have successfully attracted the attention of small.

so, let Xiaobian bring everyone together to see, micro voting V6.0 highlights where?!

interface significantly faster optimization

pig CMS overwhelmed by the micro voting update on the interface and a substantial optimization. The new version of the micro voting faster, smoother operation. Smooth scrolling, allowing fans to experience the feeling of flying. The user experience is good, fans are willing to participate, share and forwarding business marketing to naturally.

add a new template scene more cool

In addition to the

interface optimization, the update also adds a new cool template. Compared with the old version, the new template in the color collocation and style, more noble and glamorous range, from top to bottom exudes a unique charm. In contrast, the old version (Classic Edition) is a handsome girl, elegant style, is not inferior. Businesses in the voting set, according to the actual situation, choose the "classic" or "cool version".

tip language can be customized

as a marketing tool, micro voting itself comes with the suction powder of course, can not be ignored. Therefore, the new version of the micro powder to vote in details and made an improvement: to remind the user’s attention showed small signs, you can customize! When the user enters the page on polling operation, the page will pop up a small box that prompts the user to focus on re operation. Now businesses can freely edit prompts, want to go to sell Meng route, overbearing president of the line, all by the merchant himself. The custom prompt gives businesses free play space, with the humanized prompt, can make the user experience better, to join the army of fans naturally logical.

in addition, V6.0 also has some micro vote on a version of the marketing attributes, such as advertising, promotion can make the head sliding canvassing function, registration and voting period can be set separately and so on.

this summer, pig CMS for your full Juxian – micro V6.0 vote, build swept the circle of friends voting, minutes eight thousand million children suck powder, be nothing difficult. The author "piglet CMS micro signal: pigcms)

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