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Beijing, May 13, (IT channel Jiang Ying) yesterday, the State Council issued the "State Council opinions on accelerating the development of the new competitive advantages of foreign trade" (hereinafter referred to as the "No. nine document"), to actively carry out comprehensive reform pilot cross-border electricity supplier, foster cross-border business platform and enterprises to exploit the international market has done further clear. This is the second in May 7th the State Council issued on the rapid development of e-commerce to speed up the development of new economic power of opinion (hereinafter referred to as opinion), two degrees a week issued a document, called for the promotion of cross-border electricity supplier development.

, it is of great significance to promote the development of cross-border electricity supplier, deputy director of the China Electronic Commerce Association, deputy director of the cross-border e-commerce center, Wang Rulin, said the new channel IT. He also added that with the continuous expansion of cross-border electricity supplier regular army, once popular for a moment of human flesh purchasing market will cause no small impact.

cross-border electricity supplier frequency policy favorable

since 2013, the state has introduced a number of favorable policies to promote the development of cross-border electricity supplier. Last August 1st, the General Administration of Customs issued 56, 57 announcement, namely "cross-border trade of Electronic Commerce on the entry and exit of goods and articles related to regulatory issues notice" and "on the way to code additional customs supervision notice" formally implemented, the e-commerce trading platform for enterprises and individuals to cross-border transactions will become a "regular army".

later this year in March, the General Administration of Customs explains the bonded import mode, in this mode, the imported electricity supplier can advance batch purchase by sea / air to ship goods to the bonded area of the bonded warehouse duty-free stocking, consumers received orders, goods directly from the bonded warehouse by the customs inspection after delivery. And out of the warehouse goods only pay relatively low post tax. Through the free trade zone, compared to the sea Amoy transfer speed can be increased by 7 to 15 days, the shopping experience more smooth.

last week, "on cross-border e-commerce development opinions" also make guidance, and improve the efficiency of customs clearance of cross-border e-commerce, and also puts forward a research to develop e-commerce enterprises listed overseas management policy. The cooperation in electronic commerce oriented "to encourage the development of The Belt and Road along the country, expand cross-border e-commerce pilot.

yesterday, the nine document is proposed to actively carry out comprehensive reform of cross-border e-commerce work, pay close attention to research and formulate guidance to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce. Foster a number of cross-border e-commerce platform and enterprises, and vigorously support the use of cross-border e-commerce enterprises to explore the international market. Also encourage cross-border e-commerce enterprises through the norms of overseas warehouse and other models, into the foreign retail system.


policies frequently surrounded by cross-border electricity supplier in the field? Wang Rulin explained, practice has proved that the cross-border electricity supplier is to promote China’s foreign trade steady growth, transfer mode, adjust the structure of foreign trade, consolidate the traditional advantage, promote China’s transformation from a big trading country to trade power. He also said, especially when

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