Ali up the balance of treasure two generation two major problems to be solved



Ruoxin Hong

in the construction of one hundred billion monetary fund, Ali tentacles will be extended from the current to the regular financial sector.

insider told the "First Financial Daily" said, "the balance of treasure two generation" was imminent, or "six arrows" together, the short-term financial products Celestica, southern, ICBC Credit Suisse, Yi Fangda, Tao Fu, Debon six fund companies will design 7, 14, 30, 45, 60, 90 days the same period for Ali custom. At present, the product has entered the closed beta stage, is expected to launch in January next year.

a person involved in the project told reporters, Alipay will set up a "treasure" of the financial platform, in addition to the balance of treasure, the balance of treasure two generation "and other fund products, the future will be a more" customized "Ali, trust, insurance and other financial products.

advantage of less than

following the IMF, Ali also targeting the short-term financial fund, still using the "custom", but the fund companies from the day’s home was extended to six.

"was only five fund companies, ICBC Credit Suisse, respectively, South Yi Fangda, Jan, street, Ali respectively for the design of a product, different period, later joined Celestica or." A raised electricity supplier Department official told reporters.

as of November 14th, the balance of treasure market only 5 months to Celestica fund Juzuo on China largest monetary fund to the throne, the success of the balance of treasure to the outside of the balance of treasure two generation "is full of expectations.

, however, for fund companies, it is not easy to do this custom products.

, a fund company, said the head of the Department of fixed income, compared to the balance of treasure, the fund’s short-term financial products designed to be much greater pressure. Short term financial products in terms of liquidity balance treasure, in order to attract users to do only on income.

Morningstar fund analyst Liao Jia said: "liquidity is a ‘double-edged sword’, for example, in June this year when the market liquidity risk, we will worry about whether the IMF will be a problem, because it is very high to the liquidity requirements. But at the same time, the short-term financial fund income is very good, but also sell well."

comparison of two types of products, statistics show that this year, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days of short-term financial fund average annual yield is more than the basic monetary fund. Among them, only a 90 days period of short-term financial fund – Huaan Xin fund quarter monetary fund is lower than the average annual yield. This year, Ji Jixin’s annualized yield of 3.3%, while the average annual rate of return on the market monetary fund was $3.41%.

Liao Jia believes that for short-term financial funds, the market may also exist before a certain pessimism, but the situation in the three quarter of this year, the entire short-term financial fund net

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