B2B platform liar exists for the general business requirements collusion supplier performance

two years suffered from four Chinese "merchant" B2B trading fraud, Rick · Anderson was to become cautious. The living in the United States, Houston, Texas, foreign trade dealers, not on the business without the world honest man, engaged in the United States and Asia, Africa, plumbing equipment trade for eight years. He is willing to pay nearly $3000 a year fee, becoming a Alibaba outside China, an international gold supplier, to attract more buyers.

but according to his own experience over the past four years as buyers, the company name in the upper right corner of the golden logo, but does not scare off Chinese full-time fraud. Over and over again, the crooks have lured him with low prices to cheat his trust. After receiving the money, the rapid transfer. Anderson said that this shows that he is not too honest, but the transaction in the online world some false too exaggerated.

fraud "one catch"

November 6, 2007, Alibaba B2B business successfully listed in Hongkong. In fact, whether it is in the international version of Alibaba’s safe trading forum, or part of the joint launch of fraud B2B information network platform, the story of fraud is staged every day. February 23rd, an anonymous person in the joint launch of the buyer Alibaba fraud reporting website "AlibabaScam.com", to report the production of the display "China Gold Supplier" Shenzhen constant access technology Co., ltd.. This is the report pointed out that the company did not pay the entire paragraph on the grounds that the goods are not shipped goods. Although the buyer has been urging it to refund the buyer’s funds, but the technology company has been delayed until the termination of its contact with the buyer.

in fact, this fraud in the B2B trading platform, very common. An unidentified founder, known as Alibaba Fraud Database (Alibaba fraud victims Information Library) website, has been a joint 107 victims since 2008, said the amount of $259 thousand deceived. The founders are calling for more victims to join in a class action lawsuit and seek a "million dollar" loss. Combined with this information, it is not difficult to find that the fraud report on Alibaba and other large B2B trading site can be traced back to the earliest in 2007. And in November 6th of that year, Alibaba Network Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 1688) was officially listed on the main board of the Hongkong stock exchange.

on the one hand, at the time, the Alibaba’s B2B business flight straight; on the other hand, enter the network business a large number of fraudulent sellers, and through the research on overseas B2B website fraud found in the domestic display of deception. It can be said that the prevalence of B2B trading platform fraud problem, it is the use of this new business model in China and the development of the start.

Anderson has been working with Chinese suppliers since 2008

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