Tmall 2014 pairs of 11 goals conservative sprint 50 billion

news October 13th, learned from the multi billion state power network, 2014 Tmall double eleven platform sales target has been designated as "50 billion yuan".

the news spread like wildfire, Tmall official as the past practice, did not explicitly deny. Tmall has always been reluctant to admit, but it is clear that after the listing of the Alibaba, once again refresh the record eleven double, stimulating effect on the market is self-evident." A women’s clothing brands to billion state power network said.


Tmall double eleven has created a single day turnover of 35 billion yuan at the retail industry to move, China vibration and shock no trivial matter.

if this year’s eleven double Tmall successfully exceeded $50 billion, compared with last year, an increase of 40%. But in fact, Tmall’s official eleven pairs of expectations are usually relatively conservative, after the end of the war each year will sprint success even beyond.


merchant said, during the eleven on the eve of the category, Tmall will give small businesses "extremely excited," encourage businesses to leap forward potential formulation and decomposition of their sales target. According billion state power network understanding, 2013 double eleven, has heard Tmall internal targets for 30 billion yuan.

, according to a well-known traditional retail business electricity supplier manager, said, vice president of Alibaba group, Tmall president of Xiaoyao (Zhang Yong) and even directly into their offices, with its discussion of the dual O2O strategy. Can’t wait to see."

It is reported that this year’s double eleven

, will be in the previous basis, continue to expand the coverage and influence, and strive to tap the market increment. To this end, Tmall also pulled Taobao to war, two Ali retail platform performed together, will release greater sales potential.

addition, in terms of cross-border online retail, aliexpress effort to join, but also for the dual eleven high sales increase chips. Tmall also sought to introduce the first half of the international big enhancement, tonality, and Tmall international leveraging, continue to move exemption of imported electricity supplier.

analysis of the industry, after last year’s double eleven, all participants were to understand the performance of non listed as the first meaning ", but after the first double eleven, sales of Alibaba is very important.

recently, Alibaba also joined the community on the next five years growth point for discussion. After the success of online retailing, Alibaba strive to create new opportunities in the supply chain reform, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, online banking and other new sectors.

another part of the observers believe that the double eleven artificial dividend every year, bringing the consumer market super overdraft, not to make e-commerce showing a healthy development. In particular, the creation of "50 billion" behind the myth of the sale, there are numerous brands inventory high, thin profits, such as the loss of the brand as a sacrifice. After a time

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