Let the hot products overseas dragon network three measures

in the background of foreign trade difficult to stabilize, recently attracted a lot of foreign trade enterprises to join the dragon network has become the focus of what attracted more than and 400 export manufacturing enterprises within 30 days to join the dragon network



dragon network and Russia’s largest logistics company Major signed

actually, these China made key dragon network is the new "cross-border B2B smart stores" mode. It is understood that this model is a dragon network based on overseas consumers "low-cost, experience" two pain points, through the selection of manufacturing quality and good price of new China, new face with a new image, opening up new channels and new markets.

is the first fully localized cross-border B2B smart hypermarkets". In the shared economic cooperation mode, dragon network joint the target market with strong comprehensive strength to become strategic partners, cross-border B2B smart supermarkets main operator.


these overseas partners to give full play to its strong ability to integrate resources, build up based on MLM (multi level marketing information network) the local social distribution system: the landing flagship store to determine the goods unified sales price, buyers can purchase directly in the flagship store; wholesalers can apply to the flagship store, the store (join form POC), support online and offline sales, and to the downstream development of online retailers (VOC), sharing inventory; online retailers (VOC) can be anchored to a flagship store or wholesalers (POC), online commodity and promotion. Thus, China manufacturing enterprises for the dragon network platform to go out and create a integration of online and offline, covering the entire target market localization of distribution network in the overseas market, and the dragon network will be used as the China export enterprises and cross-border hypermarket operator Gou Tongping Taiwan and local credit guarantee platform, to ensure smooth communication between the two sides, win-win cooperation.

followed by the localization of the marketing model and its own brand growth plan.


in addition to the local partners to build sales platform, long overseas local marketing team will develop and invite buyers to negotiate; and according to the reading habits of the local people purchasing directory design, distributed in the professional market, open to domestic suppliers distribution channels using the way of marketing landing. Local colleagues will also target market through social network marketing (SNS), e-mail product push (EDM), the development of potential customers, enhance the viscosity of buyers. At the same time, the dragon will go out of the Chinese network and enterprise cooperation, through shared responsibility, shared interests model to help Chinese made famous brand.

third based on the "cross-border B2B smart shopping mode, dragon network will also promote local operators to build logistics distribution system, the use of consulting, maintenance and support system of the sale.

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