The electronic commerce development external pressure of the power network

in 2010, the number of visitors to the e-commerce industry has been significantly improved, the number of visitors throughout the industry grew by 36.5%, more than the annual growth rate of China’s Internet users.

but also worried about the report, the majority of e-commerce companies in the industry is still unable to break through the bottleneck of revenue, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger. In the face of the search engine, to promote the alliance, navigation website marketing entrance price in the rapid rise, market development costs continued to rise, leading to their own profit scale difficulties and even serious losses, in this case, the leading e-commerce enterprises have mature operation, more scale, such as Alibaba, such as after IPO the rapid and stable development, to a certain extent to further squeeze the living space of small industry website. The above internal and external pressure, will lead to the entire e-commerce industry into the shuffle stage".

"the most active group"

just won the 2011 Annual Top Ten SME e-commerce application model of Wang Wanping still remember the first single through the network when excited: "for the first time on the Internet was so magical, first like dreaming unbelievable, but the real is happening to us, the total amount of 66600 yuan on the list this is an easy job to do to get a Alibaba, gave me great confidence, then get out of hand to go on the road of electronic commerce."

Alibaba believes that the network is the main development of e-commerce China, they may just individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises, but on behalf of the most active groups in the economy Chinese. Give a good grasp of the skills and techniques of electronic commerce trade. They not only through the electronic commerce growth and success, but also to promote and influence the surrounding enterprises, even the experience of teaching.

network not only create profitable platform for Internet companies, and will be more dependent on the Internet platform, create more profits and the value of its own at the same time, also more strongly bonded peers, Internet users and various resources platform.

influence growing

network is the overall rise, they reflect a mature trend, from the simple application of electronic commerce to form the first network ecosystem, its influence has spread to all sectors, such as finance, electronic payment, credit certification. The network effects in employment, saving resource is also very significant. In the online shopping industry, online shopping and traditional shopping compared can effectively save social resources, broaden the channels of information, improve service efficiency, and allow manufacturers and consumers face to face, reduce the intermediate link of consumption, cost savings is not only reflected in the prices of commodities, in search of comparative cost, time cost, cost saving benefits of public resources is also very significant. The low threshold employment of e-commerce, the integrity of the law, the social vulnerable groups have the opportunity to rely on their own efforts to gain independence and self-esteem of life. Electronic trading network can reduce the transaction cost and the process of the distribution of search costs, break area protection, reduce trade friction, help to change the current system of commodity circulation, play >

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