Old Tang on the promotion of local classification information website

recent leisure time, often in the new PHPMPS QQ group (group number: 304338), here gathered a group like PHPMPS and classification information of compatriots, mostly do local classification information, PHPMPS is a big supporter of the new master, users also have the new PHPMPS.

I stood at 07 at the end of November opened in June 6th this year, the modified version, from the original ASP+AC and 1000 members started using PHP+MYSQL, select it only a few words of reason: simple, convenient and practical. After a month of revision, I wrote an article to do the experience of local classification information website

hair in A5, got some friends of affirmation and negation. Well experience, on behalf of my point of view, certainly, I can refer to more than half a year of experience to do their own station; negative, according to his own way to go.

on the local classification of earnings is indeed a headache problem, look at A5 and other webmasters website and forums, etc., the problem discussed thousands of times, but there is no right answer. Some people say that their own local classification information which is profitable, really coveted, but I do not know is true or false. According to the way, I studied for a long time, found no advantage of what tricks or flat, or it doesn’t accord with the actual, basically not feasible. Said my station, only a little bit of advertising and GG revenue, not profitable, just enough to survive it, I believe a lot of local classification information and my situation is the same.

more than a year and a half of the time, not only successful experience. Here, and we come to talk about the promotion of local classification information website.

The main

website, I summarize the rule: quality in order to win, to outwit, to commemorate the victory.

quality: content, high quality theme, content;

Governance: management, site management and maintenance;

wisdom: method, a unique website promotion and operation method;

records: ideal, good purpose and development goals.

we can deeply understand the above 4 words, is not the core of a website.

my station did not use the membership system, visitors can release information, but the release of audit system (see "when a spider" causes to the information submitted by the user), we shall be subject to the audit can be displayed in the foreground. See here, there will be a friend of objection: if the user releases the information, do not see the release of information, and some users will think that their information will be late to audit, or will not pass the audit, it will lead to loss of users.

yes, this will drain users. My approach is to publish the information on the page plus the release of the audit system tips, while leaving the site staff contact information, such as need to be released as soon as possible

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