How to do the promotion of popular website

I have a website to do software, is to do remote access, but the concept of remote access for most people to do is a very strange concept. So the remote access as a key to promote, can not bring a lot of traffic. It is strange that the key words in the remote access to do on the promotion of Baidu, the day has been 9.

I used keyword stuffing in the GOOGLE remote access has been ranked in the first row, in the course of Baidu also has not ranked, two months before I move on Baidu keyword, although also have a certain ranking about ranked 15 around, always on the next wandering. I put the home page with DIV+CSS architecture, through the W3C certification, second days to see the ranking has not, perhaps Baidu included again after a day of time, but found in the fifth row in Baidu search remote access, or GG in the first place. The past few days to view the remote access but lost the rankings, see the original chain fell two outside the chain.

this time to view the statistics of the Chinese webmaster, found that the search for remote access is very little, and sometimes there is no one, if the promotion of this site how to do?

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