One step away Wang Sicong After 90 entrepreneurs tell you which unknown marketing tools

"one step" in the end is still bad conscience? This problem has recently been fiery quarrel, now even Wang Sicong sit still. In December 25th 13:45 Wang Sicong issued a micro-blog "seen" one step "of children’s shoes, congratulations… Survived the robbery." This will be "one step" to "public opinion in the teeth of the storm".


is on the side of the investor is Wanda, is expected before the high box office, row piece ultra high rate, at the box office to the game "one step away", while Wanda childe, national husband Wang Sicong. Look at what the common link? We all know, are wanda. Such a quarrel, the original gradually disappeared in the sight of people, "one step away," which does not open a new round of public opinion climax. So this can not help but curious, and this is not deliberately hype?. Of course, this is Wanda and his son of God’s way of doing it!

micro-blog hot topic ranking. Currently micro-blog topics have been nearly one hundred million, more attractive than the topic of



just two days related to the news soared to more than and 700, the amount of news is still increasing.

in general, the reputation of a movie determines the box office, and now the domestic blockbusters have repeatedly trapped circle: the more controversial, the red box office.

"four famous" series has been controversial sound constantly

The quality of the most difficult point is the sequel to the movie trilogy

can be comparable to the first, but like "four names catch" series, in the initial production was set to be the first part of the trilogy, with 196 million of the box office at the same time, the film became controversial reputation.


"bad" sound can be heard without end, but the box office is indeed excellent, in the face of the reporter and the audience questioned the director Gordon Chan unmoved, answer with "conscience" as, and that the "creative movie will look good, make innovation, must not be afraid of being scolded." Although the word of mouth is crucial for the film, but the controversial film, in the extensive development of the Chinese film market will attract a crowd of onlookers unaware of the truth. This has emerged as a means of film marketing

review of the past, is named the movie fans, but the box office is good movie, as well as the box office nearly 200 million "painted wall", the box office more than 200 million of the "White Snake Legend", "Kuan", the 160 million box office box office 760 million "the painted 2" etc.. Of course, "the times" said: "the secret graph" the two people in the movie also received considerable box office. Compared to the zero on the "fly" is difficult for backlight sheet tension.

media comments and online controversy, so that these films instead lead to the audience’s curiosity. It is understood that: for the controversial film, many viewers are in the spirit of curiosity and a desire to explore into the theater. >

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