Wang Bin small site into Taobao phpwind strategy when the plumber

recently wrote an article "80 aphasia Internet and Internet for the next ten years", which comes China Internet basic pattern has been finalized, the next opportunity lies in the Internet and the real economy combined. Although portals, games, instant messaging and other large Internet services have been finalized, but this does not mean that small sites, personal sites have no chance.

April 13, 2010, phpwind announced a strategic plan, will reach a strategic cooperation agreement with 8 core regional site users, the joint development of new versions of the product. 8 cooperation website for the Kunshan hotline, Yuyao life network, Ningbo Tianyi forum, Xiamen fish nets, long lane, Taihu pearl net, music, new culture network.


At the

meeting, phpwind said the next step will focus on the small sites of the media and e-commerce, and help small sites through free products to save IT costs. In the end what is the purpose of this press conference phpwind I want to talk about their views through two aspects.

Phpwind to Taobao flow

we all know, phpwind is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alibaba, not long ago, Taobao also announced a partnership with phpwind for e-commerce interface provides a standard phpwind program based on the forum, it was also seen as part of a "big Taobao strategy".

is now again held a press conference phpwind focus on the small sites of the media and e-commerce, the intention is to expand e-commerce portal for Alibaba. Currently, Taobao is through a variety of ways to open up the entrance, including Ali Mama advertising alliance, its search engine, Taobao mobile phone, Alipay, Taobao Jianghu SNS community and entrance line under the Taobao World magazine, Taobao purchasing stores, and Hunan TV established e-commerce company, all the way through online and offline expand Taobao entrance, traffic to Taobao for sellers, but also the only way to ensure the sustainable development of electronic commerce.

currently China has more than and 100 small and medium sites, and the Internet of regionalization, vertical, e-commerce trend is more and more obvious. If you can implant Taobao portal on these regional sites, which will bring huge traffic and Taobao users. The so-called "small rivers flow", millions of small sites, community station is the "small stream", phpwind is the pipeline connection between these small rivers and Taobao, these small rivers flow together to Taobao, is of great significance.

phpwind is the acquisition of Alibaba since the beginning of the day, he will shoulder the responsibility to do the "plumbers". Taobao, Alipay and phpwind successively and jointly promote the e-commerce community, utilities payment and other life business, and Ali cloud cloud computing will provide strong technical support for phpwind based Help >

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