Dying is not dead but not Fetion what difference

recently, China Mobile Beijing company issued "on the short message to Fetion business offline announcement", said the message to Fetion business in June 30th off the assembly line, due to business restructuring. Many people began to sigh, contains a generation of memory Fetion will die.

the evening of May 18th, Fetion administrative micro-blog out of the rumor, and not just the offline Fetion, independent business of China Mobile Beijing company. Other media reports said Fetion is not dead, the future will become "and the" Fetion ", and soon and is to upgrade the brand new formed fusion communication services and fetion.

The development of


first look at science: Fetion is China Mobile in 2007 launched an instant messaging application software, you can enter the message content in its PC terminal, and then select the mail list of contacts, click send, the other time is not online, can also receive your information, but also do not have to spend money.

In fact,

, 80 and 90 who believe that some for Fetion is not strange, it was also accompanied by our generation through a simple Internet era. As a small initial feelings, cut a figure to a good gay friend, but only a few words, small beginning but suddenly understand why "dead" fetion.

is still in the period of tooth adorable in the mobile Internet, Fetion has realized free communication function, is regarded as one of the earliest instant messaging application. But it is such a product now looks great hope, in that era can not be fully understood by everyone.

at the beginning of the first thought is not, QQ? Why do you use Fetion, thus, we subconsciously also just put it as a social tool similar to QQ.

In fact,

, Fetion also had its peak, according to China Mobile Internet base data show that in 2011 and has more than 270 million subscribers, monthly active users in 2013 is close to 100 million.

So what is the current state of Fetion

, according to data released by iResearch, April 11, 2016 -4 month 17 days, Fetion daily coverage reached 3 million 540 thousand people, the arrival rate of Internet users 1%, ranked fourth, can be said that there are still certain user base.

The shortcomings of


A. too rough!

and QQ in the instant contact is different, no matter what time can Fetion SMS messages to their friends. Originally an advantage function, the results of the user is often sent to the speed of abnormal collapse, crying without tears.

two. Charges confusion

Fetion SMS reply or client login button money flow?? this question is actually small early have never understood, it is only a small in the early time of junior high school students to download a Fetion, see to the charges, be careful.

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