Wake up one night on the value of the Tencent and CBC launched a red envelope really gold

is more interesting than ordinary red envelopes is a red envelope is a red envelope price fluctuations.


source: Vision China

Chinese people have a gold complex, especially during the holidays, would like to buy some gold or send children some gold jewelry.

from the gold jewelry Caibai company data, 7 Day Spring Festival holiday, the company sales record high, total sales exceeded 200 million yuan, an increase of 11%, sales of nearly 100 thousand pieces of goods, sales of investment products continued to rise.

in fact, the red envelope can also be gold, Spring Festival this year, the Tencent and the Bank of China together launched this hair golden red play.


the products are still in beta stage, using the H5 to share links, only some invited to test the user can send and receive red envelopes of gold, or the Spring Festival next year officially launched. As an invited user, tried the Tencent this red new play, feeling quite interesting. But if the official launch next year, there is still a need to improve.

first of all, this product can be sold by the milligram – 0.001 grams. If you can buy 1 milligrams of gold, that means you can buy a piece of 80 fen. As a red envelope to send or rob, is also very flexible and convenient.

before Caibai company launched the accumulation of gold can be deposited in the lowest, 1 grams of gold, can be realized at any time can also be converted into real gold, the price shall be calculated according to the day of purchase by the international price of gold, Many a little make a mickle. card. Tencent this time as a unit of measurement is obviously much more convenient to buy and sell gold.

secondly, now the golden red envelopes, just like the real gold is the same. That is to say, you sent to a friend with a bag of 1 grams of gold gold envelopes, after he opened the door, to accept that the 1 grams of gold, which is the presence of the 1 grams of gold in his account.

third, more interesting than ordinary red envelopes is a red gold price fluctuations in red envelopes, you may wake up overnight, it added a lot of value. In other words, the value of the value of the red gold with micro gold price fluctuations, micro gold quotes to track the price of gold exchange in Shanghai. For example, today’s market price of 1 grams of gold equivalent to $263, to tomorrow, may be equivalent to 270 yuan.

interface news statistics found that in the past 9 Spring Festival, the price of gold has risen for the 7 time. During the Spring Festival this year, the global stock market fell, gold rose strongly. Chinese New Year holiday play, but also grab red appreciation.

fourth, the fee is cheap. Tencent micro gold in the time of purchase do not charge fees to sell 5/1000 of the commission. This is much cheaper than a lot of gold to buy a lot of channels, other channels are to buy and sell two operations have to charge.

fifth, easy to mention >

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